How to royally frick up a country’s military operations, foreign relations, and budget from your armchair.

Well, how do you?

It’s easier than you might think. Just leak sensitive documents that insult foreign nations we currently have decent relations with, detail current or recent operational strategies, and the resultant cleanup will absorb enough government employees and private sector consultants to derail a small state’s budget.

It’s called naked transparency, and much like other naked [...]

New Media and the Leaked Iraq War Video

A few days ago the site Wikileaks released a classified video showing a US Apache helicopter gunning down a Reuters employee and his rescuers who were mistakenly targeted as insurgents. The video is extremely disturbing and has provoked a passionate reaction from the blogosphere.

The NY Times blog, At War, has posted an interesting roundup of the [...]

The Downside to Instant News

Last week, a rumor circulated in the online news circles that Chief Justice Roberts was retiring soon.  The rumor originated from a Georgetown Law professor who wanted to teach the lesson of reliable sources to his students. He began the class announcing that an unnamed but completely reliable source told him this news, then revealed after [...]

Hugo Chavez & the New Media

In my presentation last week, I discussed the rising importance of the new media in Venezuela, given the repressive trend the government is following against the traditional media. Without any other available forum, Venezuelans in the opposition to Chávez find themselves increasingly online, tweeting and blogging about their frustrations with the government. The internet is used [...]

TV New Media

I stumbled upon an article in Wired titled “Twitter, Facebook Won’t Make You Immoral–but TV News Might,” written in response to a study suggesting that “rapid-fire media may confuse your moral compass.” Evidently, although the brain is capable of very fast reactions, human empathy takes a few extra seconds–meaning that the fast pace of news today [...]